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Tenerife Bars and Restaurants

So this isn’t new content. Tenerife Bars and Restaurants previously was a separate page. That page is being deleted and the information is now in this post.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of bars and restaurants. These are just some we visited in and around Los Cristianos, with a few comments thrown in.


Bar/Restaurant Abora is the home of the €0.93 pint! It’s also the home of the €3.75 burger. There are lots of bars and restaurants where you know exactly what you are going to get on the food and drink front and this is one of them. But Abora does it cheaper and the service is incredibly efficient. It’s always busy and you might struggle to get seated, but there’s a quick turnover of customers. At these prices you can’t really complain. You can find Abora on the Los Cristianos seafront on Av. Juan Alfonso Batista, 12



Avangard is situated on a corner on Av. Amsterdam, 6. in Los Cristianos. We visited twice during our stay. It looks nice but personally, I wasn’t that impressed. On our first visit we shared the King Prawns Sauted in Garlic and it was fine. But it’s not really a dish you can get wrong. Elizabeth’s Grilled Sea Bass was also okay but my Veal Milanese left a lot to be desired. It was the toughest, greyest (is that a word?) meat I’ve had. It was like eating in black and white. Our second visit was just a farce. Outside there was a large table of around twelve people, and maybe six other tables of two or three. The kitchen and three waiting staff simply couldn’t cope. Our Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic, and Grilled Fish of the Day was awful. We ate what we could and asked for the bill. They had no record of what we had ordered. Enough said.



Casey’s Lounge is located on Av. San Francisco, in the Passarella Commercial Centre. We went once, had one drink and we didn’t go back. A ‘censored’ cocktail list (about a third weren’t available) and only one of the three draught lagers on tap. Sorry, that’s not a pub



Restaurant Charly was close to where we stayed on Av. de Londres. The food is okay – we had lunch there twice. This is an incredibly popular place in the evening. Seems like there are tribute acts on every night. Unfortunately they all seem to be Elvis. We stayed so close to Charly that we could easily hear ‘In The Ghetto’ from our terrace. Never realised we were staying in Heartbreak Hotel. After two and a half weeks we had the Elvis back catalogue down to a tee.



For the avoidance of doubt we aren’t talking Craiglang.

To be fair we only visited The Clansman in Los Cristianos once. Located on Av. Amsterdam it’s one of a number of similar establishments within about fifty yards of each other. There’s not a lot to choose between them all – drink, pub grub, tribute acts and live football. If it’s live Scottish football you’re after then this is the place. They also serve Tennents lager, although why you would want to drink it in Tenerife is a bit of a mystery to me. Service was quick, prices reasonable and the toilets were clean which gets an extra point.


The Clansman Facebook page


Situated on Calle, Av. Los Playeros, one street back from the seafront, this was the only place we tried the Menu Del Dia. Three courses for €12.95 seemed like a steal. Now although the Menu Del Dia is advertised you won’t find it on your table – you need to ask for it. And €12.95 can be a bargain as long as you choose wisely, ie the more expensive dishes. Food was good; we had tomato and red onion salad starters, sardines and seabass mains with ice cream to finish. Service was quick and friendly. Toilets clean. No complaints.



Another of ‘you know what you’re going to get’ places. You’ll find Do-Dahs at Avda. La Habana 11d in San Telmo. We had lunch there once. The food was okay, drinks were reasonable and the service friendly. What sets it apart from some other places is the view to Las Vistas beach and the Atlantic beyond. A great spot to sit.



We visited Domingo’s during our trip to Los Gigantes. It’s situated on the left hand side of C. Flor de Pascua, the main street as you head down towards the marina. Not overly busy when we were there, but with only one waiter service was a bit slow. Food was the usual bar/cafe fayre and pretty uninspiring. It filled a hole at the time, but it won’t be filling any holes in the future.



A highly rated restaurant in Los Cristianos, but not by us I’m afraid. We had booked a table at 8pm – advisable to book as it’s so popular. Do you ever go somewhere and think you’re sitting at the invisible table? Twenty five minutes for our drinks to arrive. One hour and thirty-five minutes for our steak and grilled chicken to arrive. Of course by this time you’re trying to maintain some semblance of calm on the outside, although you’re seething on the inside. Of course your appetite has gone by now and no matter how good the food might be, there’s no way you’re going to enjoy this meal. We were so looking forward to eating here, but our experience was so disappointing. It would take considerable persuasion to coax us back. The Fox is on CL Boston 2.


The Fox Facebook Page


Friends Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Friends is located on Paseo Tarajal, s/n, Playa de la Américas, just off the seafront. We stopped here twice for lunch; it was a kind of halfway point on our walks from Costa Adeje to Los Cristianos. It’s a busy place but we managed to get a table quite easily. The food is good, staff friendly, portions are big and for what you pay represents great value. There’s a lot to like about Friends.


Friends Tenerife


Sorry, but you know what you’re going to get. Our lunch there was tapas, average tapas. I thought it was a little expensive for what we got. You’ll find Linares II on Avenida Los playeros 52. It partly overlooks Los Cristianos beach, but the main views are to the harbour and ferry terminal.



Incredibly busy Italian restaurant in Los Cristianos – Avenida San Francisco C/C El Mirador Local 6. At the end of our meal I couldn’t quite fathom out why it’s so popular. Many diners seemed to be repeat customers, so perhaps I’m wrong and they’re right. Big menus always ring alarm bells for me. The portions are seriously big, too big. I felt the quality of food really suffered when there’s something like seventy mains and starters to choose from. Not a fan, sorry.


Locanda Menu


So there are some half decent places to eat around Los Cristianos; Lucky 7’s at San Telmo is one of them. Burgers, booze and views is how they describe it. We’re talking burgers here – beef, chicken, veggie with a few appetizers and sides thrown in. Great food, friendly service and stunning views. We had lunch there and went back for dinner another night. You can find Lucky 7’s on Avenida la Habana, 5 (San Telmo)


Table with a view


One of our favourite restaurants from our trip. Worth booking as it can get very busy. It was a Cantonese delight. The food was excellent on our first visit. It’s never quite the same when you go back again, but our two visits were almost as good as the first. The Malaysian curried chicken was so nice. Overseas is in the Passarella Oasis Commercial Centre in Los Cristianos. I think it’s well worth a visit.


Overseas Restaurant


We stopped here for a quick lunch. We shared a ‘Four Seasons’ pizza. Not nice. I know Four Seasons pizzas can be baked with a diverse range of ingredients and typically these are artichokes, olives, mushrooms and ham. Ours came with mussels, prawns, ham and mushrooms. If I’d wanted a seafood pizza I’d have asked for one. I’m not sure how fresh want of these ingredients were. One of the worst pizzas I’ve had.



So I’ve already covered La Piazzetta in one of my posts – HERE. I’m sure it must be better than our experience. Perhaps it was just the wrong dish on the wrong night.

La Piazzetta is on Avenida Suecia at the top of Los Cristianos old town.

VASCA (Taberna Vasca Txupinazo)

Authentic Spanish tapas restaurant on Calle Berna in Los Cristianos. The menu is big, written on two blackboards – one for mains and one for tapas. The staff is friendly, but with limited English. Reasonable prices and the food is excellent. If it’s good enough for Huw Edwards …

Well worth a visit. It’s on our list when we go back to Tenerife.



Tandoori Hut and a Friday night curry just seemed like the perfect fit. And we were there for two Fridays. And two perfect fits. Whatever curry you order you can have as mild or as hot as you prefer. Irrespective, these curries are delicious. Service is exceptional, some of the friendliest we’ve experienced.

Time for starters


We visited the Los Cristianos restaurant; there’s also one in Las Americas. Thoroughly recommended and best to book – it’s a popular place.


Sometimes you go in to a bar and it just feels right. For us, this is The Vault. It’s next door to The Clansman in Los Cristianos. Maybe a tad more expensive than the surrounding bars but it just feels a little bit more up-market. (Call me a snob) Brambles were the cocktail of the evening (7.00€ Shaken blend of Bombay gin with fresh lemon over crushed ice, topped with blackberry liquor) and rather nice Heinekens at 3.50€. Good bands on too from 10pm . The Medicine Men on Mondays are really good.. I think we spent quite a lot in here, (time and money) but it was worth it. Service is quick and friendly.



Zoco is a new Arabic restaurant in the Passarella Centre in Los Cristianos. We weren’t sure what to expect but we had seen ‘The Knighstrider’ (YouTube) visit here and thought we would try it out. We had Kafta In The Josper and Chicken Skewers for mains which were okay (the Kafta was a bit dry). The absolute star of the show was the Arabic Tiramisu. Wish we’d just ordered a few of these. Delightful dessert.


A pretty mixed bag. Our favourites – Overseas, Friends, Vasca, The Vault, Lucky 7’s, Tandoori Hut ( and Zoco for the tiramisu)

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