this doesn’t belong on a pizza

(beyond 4)

Mine didn’t look much like this

tenerife – night 2

Before I write anything else, I must stress that this a personal opinion. I hadn’t even heard of a turnip top pizza. But thanks to Google I now know this is a ”thing’. We went to La Piazzetta in Los Cristianos for dinner and I thought I’d try the Pizza Calabro. Two main ingredients other than the base and cheese are turnip tops and nduja. Turnip tops are the green leafy bits which I assume you would see growing above ground. Seemingly the turnip needs to be no bigger than a tennis ball or the ‘tops’ can be bitter. I can only assume the ones I had came from a basketball. It was a bit of a green mess with the nduja barely getting a look-in. To be fair the chef may have been distracted. It’s perhaps not a good idea to go Italian when the Champions League is showing, and the staff is more interested in the Napoli result than their customers.

Pizza toppings? I need to consign turnip tops to Room 101. They can keep the pineapples company.

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