a visit to the palace

buckingham or kensington?

no! kibble

1 November 2022. It’s two weeks since we returned from the Canaries sunshine. I think it has rained every day. It’s Tuesday and it’s dry outside (at the moment). We’ve decided on a trip to Glasgow’s West End. The number 6 bus will take us to Great Western Road. Two number 6’s arrive at the same time. The first is almost full so we and some others get on the second. The bus driver asks the person in front of us why she didn’t get on the first bus. Seriously? This driver is in the mother of bad moods. Public bus travel isn’t quick in Glasgow. Widening of pavements, empty cycle lanes, diversions, whatever have made the entire experience anything but pleasurable. We get off the bus just after Charing Cross; we’ve decided to walk to Byres Road. There are a lot of independent businesses on Great Western Road, but it seem many are choosing to close midweek because of spiraling costs, so there aren’t many stop-off points along the way. By the time we reach Byres Road the rain has come on. We take refuge in The Botanic Gardens; not a bad place to shelter. It’s not just dry, it’s pleasantly warm.

After we’ve listened to The Hothouse Flowers we head over to The Kibble Place. This is an impressive building. If you haven’t seen it then you should.

It’s lunchtime by now. We vote for The Curlers Rest near Hillhead subway station. Eating out has become an expensive business. We aren’t pushing the boat out; we share a club sandwich and some fries, but by the time we add a glass of wine and a beer we’re talking £22.65. That’s pretty steep. we leave the pub just after 2pm to catch the number 4 bus at 2.15. However the 2.15 bus cant be arsed so it’s a further twenty minute wait. First Bus? Well Second Bus duly arrives – late I might add, and it’s an agonising hour long journey to cover the six and a bit miles home. I don’t think this bus driver was in a bad mood, but I know I was.

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