Troon (or Tron if you use the Google keyboard), Royal Troon, golf, The Open, the beach and the South Beach sand dunes is an altogether different experience as you approach the depths of winter. The rain continues to pour down in Glasgow and we decided on a quick drive to Troon on the west coast, come rail, hail or shine.

We arrived just as the rain had given up. We were doing this on the cheap. Plan was chips from the ‘Wee Hurrie’ and back to the pre-buttered bread in the car.

Troon harbour from the Wee Hurrie

Troon harbour is a working harbour; working harbours tend not to be the most picturesque of places, but better a working harbour than a derelict one, so no apologies for the picture.

Perhaps the ‘Wee Hurrie’ should be apologising; £3.20 for a portion of chips? I thanked Dick Turpin for the purvey and we made our scenic way back to the car park. On later closer inspection it worked out at roughly 10 pence per chip. At this point I started chipping potatoes in my head and counting them.

Suitably stuffed (well not quite) we walked along the south beach seafront. It was breezy, but thankfully mild.

View towards the South beach

There were a number of kite surfers making the most of the wind and the waves – maybe not brave, but admirable nevertheless.

We watch a number of vlogs on YouTube, some of them about Tenerife, where we were recently. They exude about the fabulous sunsets and/or views to the ocean. Sorry, we might have some of the worst weather, but we have the best views. Bar none.

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