spring … (well almost)

We’re getting towards the end of April now and Scottish blue skies and bright sunshine are proving to be as deceptive as ever. That inviting weather is calling you. “Come on”, it says, “What about a nice long walk by the river?”

Armed with a pullover (just in case) you step outside. A biting North Easterly wind means a U turn and you emerge minutes later in puffer jacket and scarf.

CYTISUS … something

splashes of colour growing on the banks of the WHITE CART WATER

We walk from Cathcart, by the White Cart, and upwards towards Millbrae Road. A left turn at the top and then downhill. At the bottom of Millbrae Road we make a slight detour around Millbrae Crescent.


Alexander GREEK Thomson ?

It’s believed that Millbrae Crescent was designed by Alexander Thomson and his architectural partner, Robert Turnbull, with the houses being built around the 1870’s. The terrace comprises an elegant row of two-storey houses built using blonde sandstone. They are typical of Thomson’s use of Greek or Egyptian columns and features.

The Crescent is sheltered and that North Easterly has disappeared. Not exactly tropical, but the sun is warm.

Puffers off!

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