Dumfries & Galloway Day 2 – Saturday 8 April

It’s early. It’s still dark outside. Not just dark, it’s noisy. The birds have decided it’s time to get up. I roll over and manage to go back to sleep.

7.15am. One particular blackbird thinks he is in a competition for the loudest bird in Newton Stewart. Blackbird 1 Me 0

It’s a glorious morning. The River Cree looks calm, reflecting the sunlit houses on the opposite bank. A little vision you don’t photograph, instead you keep this for yourself

View from the bridge towards the cottage.

Today we’re off to the Crafty Distillery. The distillery is on the outskirts of Newton Stewart, a leisurely thirty minute stroll from the cottage.

We’ve previously done the distillery ‘Tour & Taste’ (highly recommended), but today it’s a visit to the shop and see what’s happening in the marquee.

Turns out they’re serving up gin and vodka cocktails. Seems like it would be bad manners not to partake, and we need something to wash down the massive hot-dogs

Newton Stewart is eerily quiet on our return trip, given it’s a Saturday afternoon at Easter

3pm Main Street Newton Stewart. More like High Noon.

The sun has all but disappeared by the time we get back to the cottage, but we decide to take advantage of its huge garden, immediately opposite, on the other side of the road. Beer, wine, jackets and scarves (it’s not exactly tropical) for pre-dinner Tiffin.

Impressive garden
Close-up of the cottage. The white building to the right is the pub. Convenient or what?

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