Ghost Dog

Dumfries & Galloway Day 1

We should have been heading to Kirkmaiden, close to Drummore and the Mull of Galloway, but our Airbnb hosts pulled the plug on us at the last minute. It’s Good Friday and instead we find ourselves on the way to some hurriedly arranged alternative in Newton Stewart. The journey from from Glasgow is incredibly slow, the main culprit(s) being those roundabouts on the A77 which take an eternity to get through. Things improve as pass Ayr and eventually we cut off on to the A714 as we leave Girvan. As we climb the hill there’s a stunning view of Aisla Craig looking as if it’s floating in mid air above the sea.

Our cottage is on the other side of the bridge towards Creebridge and as holiday accommodation goes it’s pretty smart.

View from the bedroom window to our garden across the road with the River Cree behind. As views go this is up there.

Immediately behind the cottage is the Creebridge House Hotel. We can walk to the pub in ninety seconds!

Ghost Dog – A Tall Tail

In the early 1700’s the Creebridge House Hotel was a hunting lodge for the powerful ‘Stewarts of Galloway’. The lodgewas not only famous for its food and locally brewed ales, but also for Tess, the resident albino Labrador. Visitors would marvel at the dog, as in those superstitious days it was thought to possibly be possessed by evil spirits. One lively evening one of the guests accidentally trod on the dog’s paw, causing it to retaliate by biting its attacker. The guest immediately drew his dirk and slashed off the dog’s tail. The dog subsequently died of blood poisoning and it is still said to walk the corridors of the now hotel – with its tail in its mouth.

The dog seemingly communicates telepathically asking over and over for its tail to be re-attached so that its spirit can finally rest.

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