Largs in April – A Good Idea?

At 9 Celcius and windy, then most likely not.

Monday had been such a fine day we ventured down the coast on Tuesday. We took the M8 ‘scenic’ route by the River Clyde estuary, through Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock. We pass the Fiasco Ferries at Ferguson Marine en-route – and by the looks of them it may be some time before any cars or passengers grace their decks. It’s not what you would call a pretty area but you have to remember its industrial legacy. Leaving Gourock we are heading south and the scenery finally opens up. Unfortunately the rain has started and a choppy sea reflects the greys of the darkening sky above. It’s a nice little stretch of road to drive, right on the water’s edge. It must be a thrill to drive in a storm.

We reach Largs. It looks much the same as it has for the last twenty of thirty years. I’m not sure what that says but it feels a bit depressing. It’s busy and parking places are few. We park on a side street up from an empty Nardini’s Cafe. A walk along the front and up the main street confirms nothing has changed other than the proliferation of charity shops.

The Cumbrae ferry seems busy. The Loch Shira has just come into the harbour and there are queues of people, bike and cars waiting to replace those alighting. I spent many family holidays in Millport on Cumbrae as a child and I wonder what the attraction is now. Another day perhaps.

Lunch is basic; two portions of chips from The Viking on the seafront, although at £5.80 I feel that I’ve just been mugged.

Suitably stuffed with starch, oil, salt and vinegar we head back to Glasgow via the Haylie Brae. Rather than drive past the viewpoint we stop for a brief walk and photo opportunity.

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