the worst weather app

(and puerto del carmen review)

Oh look, it’s 21 degrees again!
(By the way, Tuesday was cloudy with rain in the afternoon)

After three weeks of mis-information it’s time to ditch this BBC weather app. It would have you believe you’re flying out to temperatures of 21 degrees all day, every day.

Another ‘pleasant’ afternoon in prospect

What we actually got was 21 days of 16 degrees and cold and windy conditions. In fact, one of the longest and coldest spells on record for Lanzarote.

Clouds building for a rainy evening

We can handle cold weather, just don’t tell us it’s going to be warm and sunny.

so, what about Puerto Del Carmen?

Now this isn’t a reflection of our break which was pleasant enough despite the weather, but we won’t be back.

The main strip overlooking Playa Blanca and Playa Grande is littered with bars and restaurants on one side and a nice ‘paseo’ on the other side. (You won’t have any problem finding an Irish bar here)

You’ll search for a long time if you’re looking for a really decent restaurant. We found very few. However if you’re a lover of the local beers, then 1.50€ for a large beer should please you. Full English breakfasts start at about 3.75€ if that’s your thing.

Our AirBnb was good and we’d recommend it if you’d rather be nearer the old town and harbour.

These are the last few pictures we got before the skies clouded over (again)

Goodbye, PDC.

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