now, are ye absolutely sure you’re in spain?

The little commercial centre on Calle Toscon. You can find the Highlander Too, Hankey Panky’s, The Tapas Tree and Mario’s Pizzeria here.

Puerto Del Carmen

Island: Lanzarote

Province: Las Palmas

Municipality: Tias

Autonomous Community: Canary Islands

Time zone: GMT +0.00

Currency: Euro

Languages spoken: Spanish, although English with an Irish accent would come in handy.

To Be Sure
Kentish Gourmet Club on Calle Reina Sofia

At times when walking around Puerto Del Carmen you could be forgiven for thinking you were wandering the streets of Dublin, Cork or Limerick, such is the number of Irish voices you can hear.

The sun re-appeared on Tuesday after two weeks of disappointingly cold and windy weather. Today we had another wander around the streets of the Old Town. I know there a few Irish Bars in the area but as we made our way back to our apartment, I didn’t realise there were so many.

Presenting the Irish Bar Gallery

These are shown in walking order, just in case you fancy a fifteen bar pub crawl. Note the photos were taken mid-morning (except No. 5 which I got later) and the bars were closed – most seem to open around 4pm – earlier at the weekend). Not only that, they’re open until they close.

And all within a square mile probably. Sláinte.

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