oh the weather outside …..

‘Cause I love to live so pleasantly
Live this life of luxury
Lazin’ on a sunny afternoon

Raymond Douglas Davies

If Ray Davies had visited Lanzarote in January he may well have changed the lyrics of Sunny Afternoon.

Maybe it won’t stay on for long ….

Eleven days in and one half decent day of sunshine wasn’t the kind of percentage we were hoping for. Instead of Walking On Sunshine with Katrina & her Waves and joining in with The Beatles proclaiming Here Comes The Sun, were asking Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

‘I Can See Clearly Now’, Johnny Nash once said. We can see clearly too, and what can see is the next bank of grey clouds rolling in from the North East and whatever that brings.

Next year we’ll stay at home and turn the heating on full blast, but for now we’ll continue Blowing In The Wind with Bob.

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