the orange walk

no, not one of those celebrating Prince William of Orange’s victory over King James II & VII at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

No, this was the walk that left my trainers, socks, shorts and legs orange from the dust and sand on our coastal walk. (So, flutes away.)

Date of walk: 25 January 2023

The walk to Puerto Calero from Puerto Del Carmen harbour is four miles. There are a few slopes and steps along the way but it’s mostly flat, and takes about one hour. The weather was bright but the cold wind meant it wasn’t particularly warm, even when the sun decided to show face. It hugs the coastline and there are views over the The Atlantic and to Fuerteventura.

Leaving Puerto Del Carmen

We arrived in Puerto Calero just before lunchtime.

Puerto Calero

This place is classier than Del Carmen, and by a long way. Large villas overlook a bustling port harbouring boats and yachts of all sizes, including Amadeus I, with its jacuzzi on the top deck.

The bars and restaurants fringe the harbour. We decided on McSorley’s Irish bar for lunch. Mistake. My Steak and Guiness pie had definitely seen better days – probably the day before and the day before that. How often is it possible to re-heat something? The scampi with its razor sharp breadcrumbs was no better.We left McSorry’s and its broken toilet door and started to make our way back.

The sun did come out briefly

Now you don’t have to walk back. If you don’t fancy the trek into the wind you can opt for the water taxi for 9€, or head up the main road at the top of Puerto Calero and catch the airport bus from Playa Blanca for 1.40€.

The water taxi is the one on the right.

An hour later we’re back in Del Carmen. The Purple Turtle is open after it’s break and we stop off for a wine and a San Miguel

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