Line 3 is the bus route between Costa Teguise and Puerto Del Carmen. I liken it to the Number 4 route in Glasgow – it’s got a timetable but it’s kept secret from the buses.

As the weather was refusing to brighten up, we decided on a trip to the capital Arrecife. The number 3 bus goes through Arrecife on its way to Costa Teguise. The bus stop is only a few minutes from our apartment. We waited fifty minutes for a bus to turn up. It was almost full. Three stops later and confirmation that the bus capacity is 65 seated and 18 standing.

The return journey later was a slight improvement with only a forty five minute wait. Full again and the the dubious pleasure of being 2 of the 18 as the driver gently manoeuvred the corners and roundabouts – not!

A few people on either journey had opted for a taxi or just given up completely. For them (and others) here is a picture of the Number 3. At least they can say they know what it looks like.

It does exist!

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