tenerife – the verdict and the cost

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about two and a half weeks in Tenerife. But there’s something extremely appealing about 28 degrees all day every day. You really can’t argue with that. We stayed in Los Cristianos in an apartment on the Avenida de Londres. Close to the beach, but far enough away from the biz.

Despite the relatively quiet location there are a host of bars, cafes and restaurants within a five or ten minute walk. Fifteen or twenty minutes takes you to the old town and its hospitality. Playa de Las Americas is about thirty or forty minutes walk away.

We hired a car at the start and end of our stay; we perhaps didn’t make the best use of it, but we visited Los Gigantes, Teide National Park and its volcano, Golf del Sur, The Monkey Park and Las Galletas. We also used it for getting from and to the airport.

The question is “Would we go back?” Absolutely

What about the cost?

TravelFlights Ryanair Prestwick to Tenerife Sur return£567.92
TravelCar parking Prestwick airport£99.00
Car hire (1)Sanasty€160.00
Car hire (2)Sanasty€110.00
Dinner 3rd OctoberOverseas Los Cristianos€35.65
Drinks 3rd OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€7.50
Lunch 4th OctoberCharly’s Los Cristianos€30.00
Dinner 4th OctoberLa Piazzetta Los Cristianos Old Town€37.85
Attraction 5th OctoberMonkey Park€23.00
Petrol 5th OctoberRepsol€17.21
Late lunch 5th OctoberLinares II Los Cristianos Old Town€23.51
Drinks 5th OctoberManhattan Los Cristianos€5.15
Drinks 5th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€14.00
Lunch 6th OctoberDomingo’s Los Gigantes€20.00
Dinner 6th OctoberAvangard Los Cristianos€45.00
Drinks 6th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€10.00
Lunch 7th OctoberFriends Playa de Las Americas€25.00
Dinner 7th OctoberTandoori Hut Los Cristianos€40.00
Dinner 8th OctoberZoco Los Cristianos€45.00
Drinks 8th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€10.50
Lunch 9th OctoberDo-Dahs On The Beach Las Vistas€13.90
Dinner 9th OctoberOverseas Los Cristianos€50.60
Drinks 9th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€10.50
Menu Del Dia 10th OctoberThe Cottage Los Cristianos Old Town€41.09
Drinks 10th OctoberCasey’s Los Cristianos€6.00
Drinks 10th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€10.50
Travel 11th OctoberBus to Fanabe Plaza€2.90
Drinks 11th OctoberSamoa Costa Adeje€4.50
Lunch 11th OctoberFriends Playa de Las Americas€26.00
Dinner 11th OctoberAvangard Los Cristianos€30.50
Drinks 11th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€10.50
Dinner 12th OctoberTaberna Vasca Txupinazo Los Cristianos€40.00
Drinks 12th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€16.00
Lunch 13th OctoberLucky 7’s San Telmo€20.50
Dinner 13th OctoberLucanda Los Cristianos€50.00
Drinks 13th OctoberThe Clansman Los Cristianos€6.00
Dinner 14th OctoberTandoori Hut Los Cristianos€55.00
Lunch 15th OctoberPailebot Los Cristianos€15.52
Dinner 15th OctoberLucky 7’s San Telmo€30.00
Drinks 15th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€11.50
Lunch 16th OctoberBar Abora Los Cristianos€13.75
Dinner 16th OctoberTaberna Vasca Txupinazo Los Cristianos€50.00
Lunch 17th OctoberCharly’s Los Cristianos€21.50
Dinner 17th OctoberThe Fox Los Cristianos€40.00
Drinks 17th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€11.50
Lunch 18th OctoberOla Blanca Las Galletas€15.00
Dinner 18th OctoberOverseas Los Cristianos€37.05
Drinks 18th OctoberThe Vault Bar Los Cristianos€11.50
Petrol 19th OctoberRepsol€21.50

Lets total this up:

£ Sterling: £1296.92

€ Euros: €1341.68 @ 1.10 exchange rate = £1219.71

TOTAL: £2516.63

Number of nights: 16

Cost per night: £157.29

I think this looks quite a lot, and it is a lot, but it compares quite favourably with our other recent trips to Newquay (£393.39), Fife (£196.99) and Liverpool (£231.93). Time to ditch the UK?

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