crash, bang, wallop

(beyond 4)






a. crash

Se pegaron una buena galleta con el coche.They had a bad car crash.

b. slap

¡Qué galleta te vas a llevar! You’re asking for a slap

tenerife – day 15 – las galletas

A bit late getting around to day 15.

A twenty or twenty-five minute drive north from Los Cristianos takes us to Las Galletas. Despite my best efforts I’m none the wiser as to what Las Galletas means. (Maybe something to do with the Atlantic crashing on the rocks?) It’s not a big place. Very Spanish; when we were arriving the shops were closing for siesta. Quite nice to see, but oh so quiet as Bjork would say. Seems to be popular with surfers, jet skiers and the like.

We had lunch at Ola Blanca on the seafront – a pleasant sixty minutes sitting in the hazy sunshine, overlooking the Atlantic, sipping ice-cool aqua con gas.

As we walked back to the car the back street bars and cafes appeared to full with the locals. It’s worth a visit. You can catch the 467 bus from Los Cristianos; only takes about half an hour.

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