the curve

(beyond 4)

In mathematics, a curve (also called a curved line in older texts) is an object similar to a line, but that does not have to be straight.


All very interesting, but for the purposes of this post, The Curve is the hill between Los Cristianos and Playa De Las Americas.

tenerife – day 13

Day thirteen already, into the home straight – as it were. This middle week has been filled with (dare I say) touristy things. Not things that I would say are worthy of posting about. Drinking, eating, lying in the sun, swimming in the pool, braving the Atlantic Ocean. Okay there are a few restaurants that could be mentioned. Mentioned – but not recommended. Our ‘Avangard’ experience could easily have been from a Fawlty Towers event at the Edinburgh Fringe.

From the Fringe to the Curve. So this isn’t particulary high. You could do this in thirty minutes if you were in a hurry an didn’t want to stop to look at the views. It’s not the greatest of paths, I can imagine flip flops must be really sore on the soles.

The views are pretty good however.

After our ‘climb’ we made our way back to Los Cristianos seafront to grab something to eat. We stopped off at Bar Abora, home of the €0.93 pint.

Yep, €0.93. However, on examination of our bill you find there’s 7% tax on this. That a massive €1.00 for a pint. But wait, it’s not a pint. No, it’s a Spanish pinta – 500ml. If we’re talking British pints that brings it up to €1.14 a pint. But what about the exchange rate? Well, assuming that Madame Truss will be out on her arse in the near future, we’re back at €1.00. I have to say for €1.00 it hit the spot. As did the second one. This bar is also the home of the €3.75 hamburger and chips.

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