presenting the tenerife shandy

(beyond 4)

A traditional British Shandy is a refreshing mix of lager beer and carbonated lemonade. It is the perfect refreshing summer beer drink that goes down very easy.

Janette Fuschi | Culinary Ginger. (Apologies for the English)

More of this shandy stuff later

tenerife – day 10

There’s a seafront walk you can do here. Costa Adeje to Los Cristianos. We did this yesterday. Obviously the distance varies with your exact starting and finishing points. Typically six or seven miles, but ours will be nearer eight miles.

Given the 28 degree temperature this is a one way walk. So we need to get to the bus station and find the bus to Costa Adeje. The bus station is a 15 minute walk away from the apartment.

The number 467 gets us to Fanabe Plaza (a couple of stops beyond Costa Adeje bus station). The bus is busy, the roads are busy, but twenty minutes and €2.90 later we are at the start of our walk.

You still have to wear face masks on Spanish public transport. A bit strange considering how busy everywhere else is here. (We were in the local market on Sunday and couldn’t move for people).

We make our way to the sea front, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. As we walk there you do get the impression that Costa Adeje is the more expensive part of this coast.

It’s not a bad start to the walk. The colima has cleared and it’s the first time we’ve seen La Gomera.

I suppose the seafront is the ‘real’ start of our walk. If you look to the right you take in the Alantic. You can smell it. It’s seaweedy and salty. It’s nice.

It’s a long walk; we stop at Samoa for a beer and a wine. It only costs €4.40 but the service is atrocious.

As you approach Las Americas you think “WTF are we doing ?” This section of coast is the same the whole way along. Atlantic to the right of me, restaurants to the left, here I am stuck in the middle with you.

We soldier on, along LasVistas beach, through the tunnel and on to our apartment.

Now to the main point. An eight mile walk like demands something refreshing at the end. I present


Ingredients (not complicated)

50% of each is ideal. Fanta Limon/Dorada. It loses something at anything over two thirds Dorada.

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