lazy days

(beyond 4)

Hazy days
Lazy ways
You get less done but more
Out of your days
Crazy days
Lazy ways

Song: 10cc Songwriters: Lol Creme / Eric Stewart

tenerife – day 5

We didn’t do much today. To be honest I think it’s time to do nothing. We did take a stroll to the ‘end’ of Los Cristianos, until you can’t go any further without climbing around the rocks. There’s a beach here. It’s rocky and not particulary pretty, but it’s quiet, almost deserted. The La Gomera ferry was coming into the harbour. And there were a couple of those touristy-cruise-jump-in-the-sea boats anchored in the bay.

The waves are crashing against the rocks and the Atlantic spray feels wonderful on your skin. I think we may spend a few hours here next week.

This will probably be the last post for a few days. Time to unwind.

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