our ryanair experience

(beyond 4)

Not quite …

06:10 to Tenerife South from Prestwick meant a really, really early rise. Really! Our choice to fly at that time so we can’t pin on that on Ryanair. Driving down the A77 is quiet. However it turns out the A77 is closed at Maidenhill and we have a slightly inconvenient diversion to negotiate. Can’t pin that on Ryanair either. We’re at the airport by ten past six. There’s a queue at the bag drop. I hate queues. It moves quickly though, staff so friendly, and infinitely better than our last experience at Edinburgh Airport (not Ryanair) where you had to print your own luggage tags and load your own cases on to the conveyer belt. (You should be allowed to fly the plane for that hassle). The plane leaves bang on time. Two episodes of ‘Enchantment’, the first ever episode of ‘Red Dwarf’ and part of H G Wells ‘Things To Come’ later we’re on our descent into Tenerife. We touch down half an hour early.

I wish all flying was this easy. 10/10 to Ryanair.

Just to add, passport control took barely two minutes and isn’t it nice nice to get your passport stamped? Baggage collection ten minutes at most. We were so early the hire car hadn’t arrived at the airport.

Not complaining.

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