the cavern club

(beyond 3)

each generation, as it comes along, finds Beatles music out for themselves, and I’m grateful for that

George Martin

day 3 – Liverpool

You don’t get much for a fiver these days. But a fiver gets you in to the world famous Cavern Club. You won’t get better value than this. It’s open from 11am. The first singer was already in to his set by the time we arrived. He was doing a sterling job keeping visitors from a Surrey bus party and a Disney Magic cruise suitably entertained. Singing, dancing and drinking were the order of the day – not bad for 11.30 in the morning. Well done Nick Robinson.

It’s not all about The Beatles, but their influence is evident. This isn’t the original Cavern Club (it was demolished by the council), but a faithful re-creation which seems to portray the atmosphere.

The surrounding streets are interesting also, although the George Harrison statue has an uncanny resemblance to Billy Connolly.

George (or Billy?)

And if you want a photo like this, it’s an early rise to avoid the crowds.

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