saint killed by invading danes

(beyond 2)

St Monans is named after St Monance who was killed by the invading Danes in 875. Traditionally St Monans was a fishing village but now, due to it’s picturesque merchant housing and history, it’s a great place for tourists.

Taken from the sign on the walk to the windmill, via the tidal pool

day 4 – st monans

Today we spent a couple of hours in this little village on the Fife Coastal Walk. Wonderful little place. I’ll let the pictures do the talking …

After, we drove down to Elie for lunch at The Ship Inn. We’ve been here before but I don’t remember things being so expensive. Sign of the times I suppose. Suspect everyone will be thinking about whether dining out is a viable option now.

The Ship Inn

Finishing off with some more photos. Sorry, still low tide…

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