(beyond 2)

I suspect that if you asked a hundred people to describe paradise, you would get a hundred different answers, but thanks to the Persians we have a word history answer available, regardless of your beliefs, or lack thereof. Paradise is a walled garden.

day three – Cambo Gardens

There’s not much you can say about about a walled garden. It’s a garden enclosed by walls. Nice as the gardens were, I don’t think words are the best way to describe something that you probably need to physically experience. But here are a few…

Flowers, trees, bees, birds, butterflies, apples, silence, peace, calm, sunshine, reflection, water, stream, sundial

There’s a fifteen minute walk you can do through the woods to Kingsbarns beach. You have to cross through a small section of Kingsbarns golf course near the beach, so be wary of flying golf balls. It was low tide and some beaches don’t look their best when the tide is out. Kingsbarns is one of them.

Cambo gardens have a great vegan cafe. I’m not vegan, but the vegan haggis roll and salad is thoroughly recommended.

St Monans tomorrow.

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