a plaice in the sun

(beyond 2)

Once, on the beach, I sat down with fish and chips (not strictly a picnic, but still hardcore al fresco eating) and a seagull swooped down and took the whole fish from my box! It was terrifying. So don’t you go telling me that picnics aren’t an adventure

Miranda Hart
Anstruther Fish Bar

day two (still) – Anstruther

Anstruther is a short drive from the Secret Bunker, and that’s where we headed. To the famous Anstruther Fish Bar. We shared their renowned haddock and chips. A particularly large herring gull on a lamppost next to us looked keen to share also. The fish was actually rather decent, but chips are chips. Not a lot of options for deep frying bits of potato.

Anstruther harbour

(£9.40 for the fish supper)

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