the kingdom of fife

(beyond 2)

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end

Ursula K Le Guin (1929-2018)

day one – Culross

A little stop-off on our way to the East Neuk, Culross has been on “the list” for a few years. I was expecting a quaint little village with cobbled streets, and yes it was quaint and it had cobbled streets. I wasn’t expecting the religious history lesson though. Quite fascinating.

So, it seems Culross was one of the starting points for pilgrims travelling to St. Andrews. It was also a pilgrim destination due to it’s links with Saint Serf and Saint Mungo (Kentigern) – yes, Mungo of Glasgow fame.

‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ – a section of the east window in the main church at Culross Abbey

According to legend, Saint Serf moved to Culross having slain a dragon that was terrorising the residents of Strathearn. Well, Loch Ness has a monster, why shouldn’t Strathearn have had a dragon? Saint Mungo was born here after his pregnant mother was washed ashore at Culross having escaped being murdered by her father.

Back to pilgrimage – this is more about St Andrews than Culross. For hundreds of years pilgrims have journeyed across Fife to the sacred site of St Andrews. As the resting place of one of Jesus’s disciples, the town has equal status to Santiago de Compostela.

It was a great few hours; I’ve barely scratched the surface. You should visit. Wander the streets, go to the palace and visit the abbey – definitely visit the abbey.

We had lunch at The Red Lion Inn, now a community run pub. A friendly pub too, and thanks to them for squeezing us in on a busy Monday.

Looking forward to day two.

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