“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

tuesday 19 – saturday 23 july 2022

The record temperatures had dissipated by the time we landed at Newquay airport on Tuesday evening. The delayed flight and the non-appearance of a pre-booked taxi left little time to do much for the remainder of the day. We woke up to rain on Wednesday morning. By noon it had turned to drizzle and we finally ventured out.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Newquay, but for me it didn’t deliver. I don’t suppose many places look their best in the rain and the two derelict hotels we passed on our walk into town left a lasting first impression.

Thursday was a much better day. We had booked a late lunch at Rick Stein’s Cafe in Padstow. We caught the open top bus, the Atlantic Coaster, about half past ten and were in Padstow an hour later. Padstow is pretty. It’s also pretty busy; I liked it but I wouldn’t like to be there in the height of summer. We walked for a while. It’s a small place; if you walk slowly you can stretch your walk to an hour. We went for a quiet refreshment in the beer garden of the London Inn, and then made our way to Rick Stein’s. The food and service was exceptional, although £34.00 for a bottle of Rick’s Spanish wine was a sore one.

The Cornwall bus network seems to be pretty good and we decided on a trip to Truro on Friday. For some reason it reminded us of Dundee – not saying that’s a good or a bad thing – but in hindsight we should have gone somewhere else. We got back to Newquay around 3.00 pm, where, for once, the sun was splitting the sky.

We flew back to Glasgow on Saturday

Verdict: Would we go back? Cornwall beaches are stunning, but no we wouldn’t go back to Newquay.

So how much did it cost?

ParkingGlasgow Airport£72.49
Flights (including hold baggage)Easyjet£363.88 *
Taxis to and from airportA2B Taxis£38.00
Buses to Padstow and TruroFirst Bus Cornwall£20.00
Lunch Wednesday (Newquay)Cove 24£34.25
Dinner Wednesday (Newquay)Bush Pepper£57.95
Drinks Thursday (Padstow)The London Inn£12.00
Lunch Thursday (Padstow)Rick Stein’s Cafe£82.01
Lunch Friday (Truro)Zafiro’s£36.25
Dinner Friday (Newquay)The Fish Bar£61.50
* Flights changed from Alicante to Newquay

Total cost: £1,573.53

Number of nights: 4

Cost per night: £393.39


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